Are Timberland Boots Good for Walking? Know the Facts

You know what?

With Timberlands becoming increasingly popular with every passing day, it is only normal to feel like you should buy these boots.

For starters, the boots are quite stylish and unique.

There is a lot of effort, expertise, and skillset that goes into the design and production of these boots.

Therefore, you will get great value for your money when you buy the boots.

But, are Timberlands models good for walking?

Unknown to most people, Timberlands are more of a fashion statement than daily walking shoes. The boots are ideal for casual and leisure walks but not for solemn walks. Due to their rugged designs and superior comfort, the boots are perfect hiking shoes.

Additionally, the boots are perfect for walking in snowy conditions due to their excellent grip and comfort.


What should you consider in a good walking shoe?

Before we delve into whether Timberlands models are good for walking, it is necessary that we first look at the aspects and features that make the best walking shoe.

Comfort is key

The number one priority when you are in the market for walking boots is comfort over durability and all other aspects.

Avoid getting tempted to choose a tough and hardy boot over a comfortable shoe. It is worth noting highly durable boots rarely offer the necessary comfort.

After walking for some time, it is possible to notice your feet toughening up.


The best walking boot should be flexible.

The boot should provide you with enough space for the toes to move freely and smoothly.

Boots that are not flexible often feel stiff and may be quite uncomfortable and hard to walk in, especially for long distances.

The sole unit

Unknown to most people, the sole unit of a boot plays a crucial factor when it comes to walking.

This unit is divided into three parts; rubber outsole, midsole, and the insole/ footbed.

The rubber outsole provides a firm grip while deep lugs dig deep into the ground.

The high-friction rubber protects you from slipping on wet and smooth surfaces.

The midsole of a walking boot needs to provide you with enough flexibility while at the same time cushioning the feet.

As such, the midsole constitutes a crucial part of a walking shoe.

On the other hand, the insole acts as a shock absorber.

This is because it is located inside the shoe and is usually made from a soft material.


Stability is yet another aspect to consider when you are shopping for a walking boot.

The best boot for walking should enable you to achieve a stable balance and stance so that you do not fall.

Toe space

The toe space is the area where the toe fits in a shoe and is also referred to as the toe box.

Ensure that the boot of preference has adequate toe space so that you can move your toe freely.

Heel counter design

The best walking boot should have a comfortable heel counter.

This is so that the heel remains in a comfortable position for the best walking experience.

How do we know if Timberlands models are ideal for walking or not?

The easiest way to find this out is by considering the specific features and qualities of these boots.

Positive qualities Timberlands products

Durable construction

Timberlands are famous for their durability.

These shoes are known to be resistant to damaging effects such as weather conditions.

They are long-lasting and durable, thereby being a better option than competing brands.

With the right care and maintenance, these blades last for a long time.

Excellent waterproof capabilities

The leather used in Timberlands models is superior in quality and hence incredibly waterproof.

The seam-sealing provides additional waterproofing capabilities.

Therefore, when walking with boots on wet terrains, you should not expect to feel any wetness in your feet.


The insulation in Timberlands is on a whole new level, particularly in premium boot models.

The Primaloft ECO insulation forms a unique cohesive insulating structure characterized by synthetic fibers.


Timberlands models are quite comfortable compared to other brands in the market.

The cushioning in these shoes provides pivotal support to the feet while walking.

What are not so good, then?


This is the number one priority when it comes to Timberlands.

They are pretty heavy and hence can be tiresome to walk in for long distances.

Most people prefer walking in light shoes.

Therefore, the extra weight in Timberlands is a drawback when walking in shoes.

Made for fashion

Ideally, Timberlands are designed and veered towards looks and fashion as opposed to functionality.

Most people view the boots as fashion pieces and as such, they may be quite cumbersome to walk in especially on a daily routine.

Ease of staining

Most reviews on Timberlands have it that the shoes are easily stained and are also hard to clean.

Therefore, even walking for a short distance, it is possible for the boots to become muddy and dirty.

Are Timberlands models ideal for walking?

When you are shopping for a shoe to walk in, you should be inclined to consider all the aspects of the shoe of interest.

With detailed inspection and a keen interest in Timberlands, it is possible to note that these boots are not ideal for walking.

Reviews have it that the boots are excessively heavy thereby interfering with the comfort levels.

Therefore, if you are looking for a decorative boot that will highlight your fashion taste, then Timberlands models are the ideal choice for you.

However, if you want a walking boot, then this boot is not the best option for you.

Are Timberlands good for hiking?

There is a close correlation between hiking and walking.

As such, Timberlandsare not ideal for hiking just like they are not perfect for walking.

They do not provide the comfort level, traction, and support like that which are delivered by true hiking boots.

Ideally, if you are shopping for the best walking and hiking boots, your best choice is to opt for another brand other than Timberlands.

This is because the phrase ‘you get the value of what you pay for’ is entirely true when it comes to shopping for shoes.

How do you care for Timberlands models?

Timberlands are designed to last for a long time, but even so, they require the best care and attention.

They can last for several years without tearing or wearing out excessively.

Dampness is the most damaging effect when it comes to these boots.

Dry them thoroughly in case you were walking in wet conditions like in winter.

When storing, ensure that you keep them in a dry storage unit.

Moisture has a detrimental effect on the leather and insulation.

For yours to remain in pristine condition, it is advisable that you clean the boots every time you notice that they are dirty.

Use leather soap to clean the boots and remove all dirt patches on the shoes.


It is no secret that Timberlands are not the ideal preference for long walks.

There are lots of other brands and options in the market that you can settle for.

What is more amazing to note about the optional brands in the market is that you can get better quality boots with affordable pricing.