Do Timberland Boots Run Big?

Timberland started as the working man’s go-to boots in New England until it was thrust into the limelight by hip-hop and pop stars in the 90s.

Now, everyone wants to get their hands on a pair of this practical and stylish brand primarily because it is so well-made, a pair will last you practically forever.

If there is one issue that crops up when this brand is talked about, it’s the sizing.

Are Timberland boots true in size?

The sizing of Timberland boots depends on the model or variant. But most of these, particularly the iconic original yellow one that is waterproof, do run big – at least one whole size compared to the true one.

You can check out the reviews for each type of Timberland boot on various sales websites to see which would fit you well. But that, admittedly, can be strenuous and time-consuming. Lucky you, we’ve got the most commonly-searched models listed below.

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Premium 6” Waterproof Boot

As aforementioned, this is the most recognizable model in the Timberland line. Made from 100% yellow leather with a hard rubber sole, this is the brand’s specialty. Strong, durable, and can be used in rain, slush, and snow, this is a favorite because it is truly a workhorse in its own right but is also superbly stylish.

Runs Big

If your measurement is 10, go for a 9. If you have wide feet, it would be a good idea to go for a 10 and wear slightly thicker socks.

Earthkeeper 6”

As the name implies, this particular variant is Timberland’s ode to nature. The breathable inner lining and the long-lasting laces are made of recycled plastic bottles while the outsoles are made from recycled rubber. But for all-around comfort and durability, the main material is still 100% leather.

This style is available in different colors: black, medium brown, burnished gold, and dark brown burnished oil.

Runs Big

Just like their original variant, it’s best to get a 9 if your feet measure 10. But compared to the original variant, the leather of the Earthkeeper is softer and more pliable so you don’t need to wear extremely thick socks for this.

Mt.Maddsen for Hiking

These over-the-ankle boots are made of full-grain, durable and waterproof leather. It has a waterproof inner membrane that keeps your feet dry and a removable footbed that cushions your sole and keeps you comfortable during a long walk on a trail.

This is also a ‘green’ product since the rubber outsoles are also made from recycled rubber and the lining is made of recycled polyethylene.

This style comes in various colors: black, brown, full-grain light brown, and full-grain medium brown.

Fits True to Size

If you’re a 9, get a pair with the same dimensions. If you have wide feet, Timberland has a W (wide) option per size. You do need to break this so it will feel comfortable.

Pro 6” Boondock Industrial Work Boot

The original design can be used for work but this particular model is the must-have in more hazardous industries. Like most Timberlands, this is waterproof, with an all-weather outsole and an anti-fatigue interior. But this is also equipped with a composite safety toe, resistance to pathogens (blood-borne), and protection from electrical hazards, among many others.

This is available in Brown Tumbled Leather, Oiled and Distressed Brown, and Full-Grain Black Leather.

Fits True to Size

More than 80% of those who own a pair say that it corresponds to their measurements well. This also has a W option which is very helpful for people with wide feet.

White Ledge Mid Waterproof for Hiking

This no-frills, full-leather hiking Timberland is one of the most inexpensive options in the brand’s line.

Since this doesn’t have the Eco-Conscious waterproof membrane other models have, it is constructed with a seam seal to prevent your feet from getting damp. And despite the low price, this features the EVA foam that provides a whole lot of comfort while working or hiking.

This also comes in three basic colors: black, medium brown, and wheat.

Fits True to Size

There are some complaints that this variant runs small. But generally, many say that this fits their measurement well and that it just needs a few days of breaking in. Wearing thick socks while doing that break-in may help.

Courmayeur Valley 6” for Women

Timberland’s line of boots for women is one of the most stylish in the market. The Courmayeur has a dainty look to it but these are proven to be workhorses as well when used for industrial purposes.

Its uppers are made of 100% leather with the insides are lined with a wool and cotton blend. It also has the EVA midsoles which cushion the feet comfortably. And because of the dual stretch feature, these can be worn easily by merely pulling them on.

It comes in three shades of nubuck leather: taupe, medium brown, and dark brown.

Runs Slightly Small

If you’re a 7, it may be a good idea to get 7.5. If you’ve got wide feet, you might want to bump it up to 8.

As mentioned, these look dainty. And that’s primarily because the toe part of the boots is narrowed.

Camdale 6” with Block Heels for Women

If you like tough boots that don’t take away femininity completely, this is a great pair for you.

The uppers are made of premium leather. Instead of the EVA soles, this has OrthoLite footbeds for comfort – especially since the chunky heel is over 3 inches in height. Both the hells and the outsoles are made of rubber.

The only problem with this variant is that it is made of suede which means it scuffs easily and it isn’t waterproof. To deal with those issues, you can get a scuff brush and a waterproof spray for DIY remedies.

This comes in different shades of suede: black, taupe, grey, and medium brown.

Fits True to Size

Except for a few complaints, many agree that this will fit your measurement perfectly. You do need to break these in to soften the suede a bit, especially in the ankle part, for a more comfortable fit.

Rule of Toe: Measure Your Feet Properly

One misconception people have about boots, in general, is that these run big because they are used for tough work or constant, continuous walking. But barring a few, bootmakers follow generic sizing. At least, that is what they mean to do.

Many won’t admit to this easily but the lapse often comes from wrongly measuring your feet. Here is a quick step-by-step guide:

  • Place a piece of paper flat on the ground beside a wall.
  • Stand on the paper, making sure that your heel touches the wall.
  • Put a mark on the following: the end of your longest toe & the sides of the widest part of your feet
  • Measure the length and width of your feet with a ruler.

Use centimeters for precision.

It is still best to go to a physical Timberland shop to get your favorite pair. But that’s not as convenient as ordering something online.

So if you want to get your measurements right and don’t have to worry about the hassle of sending something back because it’s the wrong size, follow the guide above.

And reading up a bit on the pair of Timberlands you like – as we have provided – can also help a great deal.