How to Make Boots Fit Small Calves?

Boots are incredibly attractive, classy, and stylish when worn with the right outfit.

As a woman, your choice of footwear highlights your appearance thereby making you look modest and sexy.

However, they are only comfortable if they fit well.

Ill-fitting they are not only uncomfortable to wear but may also be unhealthy for your feet.

They are supposed to have a comfortable and perfect fit whether your calves are small or big.

But, how do you make them fit small calves?

First, you need to wear thick comfortable socks if the space between the boots and your calves is not that large. Also, consider hiring a professional shoemaker to adjust the size for a better fit. Ensure that the boot size of preference is not too large so that you do not need to adjust too much.

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Useful tips to follow

Even with small calves, you can be certain that you will enjoy the comfort and convenience of wearing classy boots.

All you need is creativity so that you can fit them to your satisfaction. Some of these tips include:

Wear thick or multiple socks

The simplest and easiest way of fitting small calves into boots is by bulking up the legs using thick multiple socks.

This is arguably a cheap option and quite efficient for winters.

This is because the socks keep you warm.

However, using multiple socks to fit small calves is not the best option for summer.

The excess warmth may be uncomfortable especially when wearing them for long.

The additional padding brought about by the extra-thick socks goes a long way in allowing for a comfortable and firm fit.

In addition to this, these socks provide better cushioning for the foot.

Wear boot cuffs

Boot cuffs are without a doubt one of the most stylish options when it comes to making boots fit small calves.

These cuffs come in different colors, patterns, and fabrics.

What is more to note about these cuffs is that they make them comfy and cozy for you.

These cuffs are efficient in eliminating the “size dilemma” that exists when your boots are wider and larger than the calves.

The cuffs tuck easily in the boot, thereby reducing the wideness of the shoes around your calf area.

Since they have a silky and soft feel, the cuffs are gentle on the skin and do not cause any abrasion whatsoever.

The best thing about cuffs is that you can also opt for knitted ones for winter as they keep your feet warm and comfy at all times.

Wear over skinny jeans

Another practical and inexpensive way is by wearing your boots over skinny jeans.

This not only highlights the boot’s total height but also gives you a stylish and dressy look perfect for all types of outings.

It is recommendable that you use skinny jeans as opposed to buggy ones.

This is because the skinny ones hug your legs well, thereby giving you a flattening and classy appearance.

Also, these jeans make the legs appear slender and long while at the same time providing a comfortable, cozy, and confident fit.

Hire a professional cobbler

If you are looking for a permanent and more efficient way, then it is advisable that you hire the services of a cobbler.

The best thing about these experts is that they will adjust the boots according to the size and shape of your calves.

These professionals reduce the circumference, around the shaft so that the calves fit better and comfortably.

The cobbler should adjust them according to your preferred dimensions around the calves.

It is advisable to buy ones that feature straps, laces, zippers, or buckles.

This is because such models make it easy to achieve the kind of comfort you want to enjoy while fitting the boots.

How about tall boots?

A well-fitting boot provides you with unmatched comfort and stability when wearing a tall boot.

Getting the right and best calf boot fit is important when it comes to your overall style and appearance.

It goes without saying that fit directly translates to style.

Too much gap around the calf has a negative impact on the look of the boot.

Ideally, when you are shopping for new tall boots, it is worth noting that the boot of choice should be comfortable all round.

The boot should not fit too tightly.

Instead, the boot should have a space allowance to provide enough space for free movement.

The best ones should not eliminate any circulation around the calf.

This comes in handy when you are walking long distances while wearing.

Tall boots feature a 1cm drop at the back to provide for a nice and comfy fit.

Another thing to note is that they are easy to customize depending on your style preferences.

If you are new to these, then you can consider researching the best boot to settle for.

Which are the best choices?

Narrow and small calves do not need to be an issue when it comes to rocking the best boots.

There are several options to choose from when it comes to the best boots for small calves. Some of these boot options are such as:

Slouching calf boots- Featuring a soft appearance with a unique gap between the boot and calf, these boots are perfect for small calves.

Boots with buckles or laces- Boots that come with buckles or laces are an excellent choice for small and narrow calves.

They are easy to adjust as the buckles and laces provide for adjustable fitting.

Stretching boots- The ones that come with stretchable fits are a perfect choice for narrow calves as they are expandable.

Additionally, they are comfortable, thereby making them easy to be worn by everyone.

What to do if your boots are too large?

The easiest way to know if your boot is too small is by assessing how the feet feel when you are wearing the boots.

If you feel a needle-like feeling in the feet, then they are extremely tight and hence may be uncomfortable to wear for long.

If they feel too loose with a large space allowance between the calf and the boots, then they are too large for you.

When such is the case, then you should readjust them for a perfect fit.

Ideally, a boot should feel comfortable in the feet so that it feels enjoyable to wear the boot.

Pay keen attention to how the boot looks but more importantly, how comfy it is.


Since you know all there is to learn about making boots fit small calves, the need for a fitting boot cannot be underrated in any way.

Adjusting the boots is a self-explanatory task that you can do on your own.

However, if you want a permanent and more efficient solution, then you can consider seeking professional cobbler services.

The primary goal should be to feel comfortable and relaxed when wearing the boot.