Red Wing Irish Setter Boots Review: Good Choice Or Not?

Did you know?

The brand Red Wing is well known for its prominent production procedure that brings forth tons of high-quality footwear for both men and women.

But the one that the company takes pride in more than everything else is a pair of boots called Irish Setter.

And in this short review, we will find out all the great features as well as the not-so-outstanding parts of this item together.


  • High-quality materials
  • Good toe support
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Long-lasting
  • High usage


  • Not so good water-resistant
  • Heel support is a bit weak
  • No protection from hard impacts or handle compression
Irish Setter Men's 6" 83605 Work Boot,Brown,10 D US
  • 6" lace-up work boot with USA-made full grain leather married to a...
  • Electrical Hazard - meets ASTM F2413-11 Safety...
  • Heat-Resistant outsole - resistant to melting at a minimum of 475...


Red Wing Irish Setter Review

The brand

Back in the days, somewhere around the 1950s, Red Wing began producing Irish Setter boots.

The company then continued establishing its solid foothold in the shoe-making industry, growing bigger and bigger with every passing year.

In this day and age, the brand still tries its best to jazz up its products and draw a smile on its customers’ faces with the application of cutting-edge technology.

About the aim, this company desires to release to the market as many durable and comfortable boots as possible, and in the meantime extending the range of clients it serves.

No matter if you work as a hunter, a hiker, or a worker at construction, you can always find yourself a decent pair of shoes here.


The manufacturer uses red russet tough leather to build the upper part of the shoes and reinforce them with a mock toe and triple stitching.

Looking right under the boots, you can find rubber super thick outsoles.

These soles serve as a means to grip the ground tightly, preventing you from slipping while going on the wet surfaces. Once your feet are already inside the shoes, you can lace them up through the sturdy metal eyelets.

For a greater sense of comfort, the Red Wing adds a polyurethane footbed which can be got rid of easily.


red wing irish setter boots review

Right from the moment you put the shoes on your feet, you can already have a comfortable feel.

This comfy feeling will even increase after a few days when the leather cover begins to soften up. In the middle of the shoes, there are an EVA midsole and a removable footbed that creates cushioning.

Thanks to these soft parts, you can stand or walk wearing the boots all day long without enduring any foot ache. In case you have ankle problems, you can trust the boots to help you.

The padded collar will wrap around that sensitive part of your legs like a soft cushion, giving it utter protection.


Do you have big toes?

Then there are more reasons to opt for these ones as the shoes are designed to give them a comfy feeling. Passing the Soft Toe Protective Footwear ASTM F2892-11, this product’s box toe can provide much space for your toes, instead of compressing and hurting them.


Another great thing about this model is its ability to serve multiple purposes. No matter if you work at an office, at school, or on surveying, this product can please you by all means.

However, we don’t advise you to wear them at construction or in heavy-duty environments. As we have mentioned above, these boots cannot protect you from physical impact.


With the high-quality materials used to make these boots we have listed above, it is safe to say that the Irish Setter is long-lasting. Believe us, this product will be your most trusty partner if you are to travel from one destination to another over and over.


Despite the high durability of the boots, they don’t seem to hold out against water. The liquid can seep into them, , making your feet wet leave a strong odor on the insides of the shoes.


If you like this product, don’t hesitate to purchase it. Believe us, its features will not let you down.

For more questions about this lovely item, please get in touch with us. We will answer you as fast as possible.

And now, many thanks for having read our article!