Timberland Earthkeepers Review: How Good Can These Boots Be?

Did you know?

Timberland products are regarded by many customers as items of high prestige.

It’s due to their high quality, fashionable design, and friendliness to the environment.

And one of their most well-known models is the Timberland Earthkeepers.

And in this Timberland Earthkeepers review, we will take a look at the ins and outs of this model.

Let’s see how good this pair of boots can be.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Great Support at arch and ankle
  • Beautiful design
  • Great friendliness to the environment


  • Easy to get dirty
  • A bit high in price
  • Sizes might be bigger for some
Timberland Men's Earthkeeper 6" Laceup Boot,Dark Brown...
  • We recommend buying boots a size down from your usual sneaker size, so...
  • Premium full-grain leather uppers
  • Breathable ReBOTL fabric linings are made with 50% PET (recycled...


Timberland Earthkeepers Review


Comfort is always the top priority when you buy a pair of shoes.

And the Timberland brand understands this just right. Therefore, it has decided to add an anti-fatigue footbed to the product.

So if you often have to deal with arch and ankle problems, this item would come in handy as it can give them all the support they need.

Besides, the structure of the boots is built with soft leather.

Due to this reason, feet ache would be kept at bay and you can walk or stand for as long as you prefer.


timberland earthkeepers review

Looking under the boots, you will see the rubber soles.

These soles serve as a means to grip the ground tightly, helping you to avoid slipping while walking on wet areas.


The product is made of full-grain leather – one of the most long-lasting materials. Therefore, you can use this pair of boots for a really long time.

Meanwhile, the manufacturer also uses some recycled components such as PET linings, rubber outsole, etc to build several parts of the shoes.

Due to this reason, its products become not only durable but also friendly to the environment.

Waterproofing and Insulation

Once again, we have to give a compliment to the rubber soles. They work their best to keep your feet high above the ground. In this fashion, if the weather goes awry, you can still walk comfortably without getting wet.

However, there is a limit to this feature. And if you slosh through the puddles, chances are that the water may leak into your shoes.

About the insulation, this product seems to only be a good choice only for the hot season.

The reason is that these Earthkeepers are built to be breathable so when you put them on, you will not have to address the sweating or odor issue. On the opposite side, the shoes cannot keep your feet warm on cold days.


What makes these boots special is their wonderful support.

As we have said above, the added anti-fatigue footbed provides great help to your arch and heel. As a result, you can stand and walk all day long without feeling hurt and tired.

Style and Look

These shoes look quite formal, polite, and modern. Furthermore, the brand Timberland gives you 3 options of colors which are burnished brown, brown nubuck, and tan.

A bit of great advice on outfit combination: you should wear these boots with jeans or khakis trousers, and do not forget to add a denim jacket. Believe us, the result will be mind-blowing!


As this product is practically weightless, you can flexibly move your legs around even with it on. For a single 6 inches item for men, the shoes’ total weight will not exceed 1 pound plus 3 ounces.

Who Should Own Timberland Earthkeepers?

Daily Style

Having a beautiful yet simple design, this product could be a perfect fitting daily footwear. Just put these shoes on and you are ready to walk down the street.


Besides the simple design, this product can protect your feet greatly. Therefore, it will be your best sidekick if you work in construction. Just trust us, they can do a lot of support for your tasks.

Outside Activities

As you have known, the rubber outsole of the boots has a great ability to grip the ground. Thus, you can see this item as a great partner to go hiking with.

Other Purpose

Besides the previous common uses, we have listed some other ideas that you may like:

  • Dating
  • Traveling
  • Going in damp weather
  • Taking part in a party

Is Timberland Earthkeepers Good For Snow?

We have already mentioned the insulation of these Earthkeepers above. Unfortunately, these boots don’t work well to keep your feet warm on cold days. Thereby, we don’t recommend you to use this footwear in winter.


Our Timberland Earthkeepers review now comes to the end. Hopefully, you have got everything you need about these lovely boots.

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Lastly, we want to say many thanks for having read our article!