What Kind Of Boots Does Dean Winchester Wear?

During its original run that spanned around 15 years, Supernatural was one of the biggest TV hits we have ever seen.

Viewers would crowd the TV every time a new episode was on to see what the Winchester brothers were going to be up to and which monsters, demons, or ghosts they would be dealing with for the week.

In fact, the show was such a hit that Dean Winchester still remains a popular option for Halloween costumes up to this day.

And since the character’s style translates so well in the real world, people have even used the character as a reference for how they dress up in their day-to-day lives.

When trying to dress up like this character, most people get stumped when it comes to footwear, leading a lot of folks to ask the question, “What kind of boots does Dean Winchester wear?”.

Dean Winchester is seen wearing a wide variety of boots on Supernatural, but the most common of these types is the logger-style boot. These shoes are characterized by a tapered heel and an 8’’ shaft as compared to the normal 6’’ shaft on other boots that provides more ankle and calf support.

When watching the show, it can be hard to tell what exact brand of boot Dean wears, so when trying to emulate his outfits, finding the right footwear can be tricky.

This is why in this article, we’ll be taking a look at a couple of boots that closely resemble what is seen on the show, and we even add a couple of tips you can use to really go for the classic “Dean Winchester” look.

Read on to learn more.

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What Kind Of Boots Does Dean Winchester Wear?

Throughout the extensive, 15-season run of Supernatural, Dean Winchester was seen wearing a lot of different outfits, which also means a lot of different boots.

That being said, there was one type of boot that this particular character wore the most, and this was the logger boot.

As the name suggests, a logger boot is typically worn by, you guessed it, a logger when out working in the forest and chopping wood.

These are heavy-duty footwear designed to be able to handle a wide variety of tough conditions such as wet and uneven terrain.

One of the key characteristics of these boots is the tapered and raised heel that gives it a very unique look and also allows the shoes to be compatible with climbing spurs.

Normally, these boots will have an 8’’ shaft, which is much longer than other common work boots that have a 6’’ shaft.

The longer shaft allows for more solid calf support and ankle support, which is just what you need when working outdoors, and in Dean Winchester’s case, when hunting ghosts and monsters.

Because of the way, the show was filmed and since most TV shows block out logos and brand names, it can be very hard to pinpoint the exact brand, make, and model of Dean’s boots.

But with enough attention to detail, we were able to figure out one specific pair that was worn by Dean in the series, and this was the Chippewa Insulated 8-Inch Logger.

It has a two-inch heel with a taper at the back, and it has removable orthotics which is ideal for people who need a little bit more arch support.

If you’ve been looking to sport the same footwear as Dean Winchester in “Supernatural”, then this would be your best bet.

On top of that, the boots are available for under $200, which makes them fairly affordable.

And if this particular pair isn’t what you’re looking for, consider taking a look at other brands of logger boots such as Ad Tec and Irish Setter, which are much more affordable and still sport the signature look that you see Dean wear in the show.

Now that you know what type of boots the character wears, you’re almost ready to emulate his style or go as him for Halloween, but there are still a couple of things you’ll need to know about his outfits.

In the next sections, we go over just that, so read on to learn more.

What Shirts Does Dean Winchester Wear?

When it comes to shirts, Dean is typically seen wearing a long-sleeve button-up work shirt.

This should come as no surprise though, as it fits his aesthetic very well and also makes for a practical piece of clothing.

Typically, he wears long-sleeve shirts that are of the Dickies brand and tends to stick with very easy-to-pull off and practical colors such as gray, brown, black, and green.

When trying to dress like Dean, it’s best to stick with earth tones as that seems to be what he wears most of the time on the show.

That being said, there are a couple of times that this character is seen wearing a red Carhartt button-up long sleeve, which is another great option for you if you’re looking for a bit more color but still wants to emulate his style.

These shirts are also generally paired with a slim-fit pair of distressed jeans that aren’t exactly skinny or baggy, which can be found in most retail clothing stores.

What Jacket Does Dean Winchester Wear?

As any fan of “Supernatural” will tell you, Dean wears a signature dark-colored leather jacket that he got from his dad.

Finding the exact make and model of this jacket is pretty tough, but most sources state that the jacket is a Wilson M. Julian car coat that was only made in the 90s’, so getting your hands on that exact jacket might be pretty tough in this day and age.

That being said, there are a lot of replicas of this jacket available online.

In fact, searching “Dean Winchester replica jacket” on Google would probably get you just the piece of clothing you’re looking for.

And if you don’t want to buy an exact replica, you can easily replicate this style by wearing any dark brown and aged leather jacket out there, which you might just be able to find in your closet, if you’re lucky enough.

What Accessories Does Dean Winchester Wear?

This character doesn’t wear a lot of accessories, but he is seen wearing some very memorable ones every now and then.

The first of these is the silver ring given to him by his brother, which you can find on Amazon fairly easily.

But if you have a simple silver ring in your possession already, this would do just fine.

On top of that, he wears an amulet given to him by his brother as well and has been seen wearing a variety of bracelets throughout the show, but the most common of these is an elephant hair bracelet.

Lastly, Dean Winchester usually wears a rugged outdoor/military-style watch, which is also very easy to find, and on top of that, a lot of men already have this watch on their wrist since it is very stylish, masculine, and practical option.


So there you have it, a complete guide to what Dean Winchester wears on the show, “Supernatural” from the boots, all the way down to the accessories.

Whether you’re looking to go as the character for a Halloween party or simply want to emulate his style in your daily life, then these pieces and clothing options are a great way to start.

And if you decide to wear these clothes, don’t be afraid to shake it up a little and add your own unique flair and flavor to the outfits!