Why Are Timberland Boots So Expensive?

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to shoes, jackets, jeans, and other fashion items.

Most brands rely on durability, endorsement by celebs, and performance of their products to build their popularity.

For Timberland, the brand’s popularity is a combination of these and other factors.

As such, the brand edges out as one of the most sought-after shoe brands across the globe.

So, why are Timberland boots so expensive?

Timberlands are perceived and revered as a premium brand, and hence the unique popularity of the shoe. This, in turn, translates to a price hike of the brand as people are willing to spend top dollar on a popular high-end shoe brand. So, when buying the shoe, you not only pay for quality and uniqueness but also for the name.


A brief history about the brand

To have a better understanding of why these pairs are expensive, it is necessary to learn more about the history of the brand.

The history of the brand dates back to 1952 when Nathan Swartz, the founder, bought half (50%) of the Abington Shoe Company.

After working his way up in the company, and turning it into a family-owned business, he relocated it to Newmarket, in New Hampshire.

This region experiences diverse weather patterns ranging from harsh winters to extremely hot summers.

The area is famous for its rivers, mountains, and dense forests.

As such, Nathan was motivated to design and make a shoe that would withstand these weather effects.

Fast forward to 1973, the company released yellow waterproof boots named “Timberland”.

The boots were incredibly popular such that the company changed its name to Timberland.

Over the years, the company has remained true to its mission of making the brand become a force of positivity by designing better products, a greener world, and stronger communities.

So, what are the reasons why they are expensive?

Iconic and stylish

Timberland boots are unique shoes that stand out uniquely from the crowd.

These stylish and iconic pairs feature high-level creativity and expertise in their designs.

The distinctive design and overall stitching of these boots are on a whole different level.

The production cost

Timberland is popular for using only the finest quality materials in making its boots.

They are made from entirely recyclable materials.

From the sole to the midsole and upper shoe part, the company uses 100% recycled material including the plastic materials in the shoes.

Additionally, the company makes use of premium quality leather and fur in its shoe production processes.

While the use of the best quality materials hikes the price, it also enhances the products’ lifespan, thereby providing excellent customer satisfaction.

The popularity

The popularity of Timberland boots also accounts for the high cost of these shoes.

Due to their high popularity, footwear is always in high demand.

This, in turn, attracts a higher price tag compared to other shoe brands in the market.

Community social responsibility

The mission of the company goes beyond the design, creation, and production of shoes.

The brand believes in building stronger communities to have a global impact and change.

The company hires employees for up to 40 hours weekly to volunteer in communities.

This cost is obviously passed down to the customers through the pricing of the company’s products.

Commitment to sustainability

One of the brand’s strengths is its unending commitment to sustainable production by focusing on making the environment greener.

The company focuses on planting trees to improve air quality, reduce stress and defend against erosion.

The investment that the company spends on planting trees is indirectly passed to the buyers hence the hike in the pricing.

Are Timberland boots worth the high price tag?

The price of Timberland boots averages between $160 and $200.

This is not entirely expensive for the wealthy class but for the majority of low-income earners, the price can be out of reach.

The boots are worth the money that they cost especially for people who are in the market for trendy and iconic boots.

However, for buyers who are keen on getting more than looks from their boots, then Timberlands are not the ideal choice for them.

It is not financially logical to spend such a high amount of money on such boots while you can get a better deal in other brands with more qualities at a more affordable price.

Why they may not be a great choice to invest in?

Heavy designs

If you prefer wearing light shoes as most people do, then Timberlands are not the best choice for you.

This is because these boots are heavy; which is probably why a majority of people prefer other shoes to these boots.

The excess weight of the shoes can be quite uncomfortable when hiking or even walking long distances.

Limited flexibility

Unlike other shoes that are rhyme perfectly with different outfits, Timberlands are limited when it comes to outfitting choices.

Since these boots are quite bulky, they only look great with buggy and oversize pants and jeans.

As such, if you are the kind of person who likes wearing skinny jeans and slim pants then these boots are not the best choice for you.

Better options

Another reason why Timberlands are not worth the money they cost is the presence of other better shoe options in the market.

There are tons of other brands and designs to choose from when you want value for your hard-earned cash.

There is also a wide variety of customized boot brands that you can settle for.

Are Timberlands long-lasting?

If there is one aspect that Timberlands have outdone themselves is in their durability.

These boots are popular for being extremely durable.

With care and appropriate use, the boots can last for up to 5 years without getting torn or worn out.

Also, the sole does not crack like other poor-quality boots.

When you pay such a high amount of money on a pair of boots, it is only reasonable that the shoe lasts for a considerable length of time.

How much do Timberlands cost?

Since there are different models of Timberlands, their pricing is also different.

Men’s Price Range
Timberland Men’s Classic 6” Waterproof Boot Ankle


Timberland Men’s Mt. Maddsen Mid Leather Wp Winter Boot $82-130
Timberland’s Men’s 6” Basic Contrast Collar Boot $88-$230
Timberland Women’s Camdale 6” Boot $79-$169
Timberland Women’s Nellie Double Waterproof Ankle Boot $74-$169
Timberland Women’s Chocorua Trail Boot $86-$158

Boots by Timberland are ideal for a wide range of activities.

Originally, these boots were designed for people working in outdoor spaces, for protection and keeping you warm.

However, in present times these boots are worn for different activities including snow and icy activities as their soles have a great grip.


Generally, Timberlands are excellent boots that are designed to provide you with a convenient footwear choice.

However, due to their steep prices, they are not an ideal choice for everyone except those who can comfortably afford their high prices.

The boots are flawless but even so, there are lots of other affordable options that you can find in the market.